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Secretropin® is a excellent source of amino acids.

 Secretropin is licensed as a natural health product. Secretropin contains only amino acids and has a Lite Wild Berry flavour. Secretropin's oral delivery system owes its effectiveness to the latest nanoliposomal technology, which wraps the active agents in a protective envelope. Until this delivery technology was available, stomach acid would inactivate and destroy the active agents.

Even though it is natural health product, we recommend that the patient use this product under the supervision of a doctor, and can be found in many doctor’s offices specializing in anti aging, hormone imbalances, menopause, concussions and traumatic brain injuries, and from your favourite pharmacist (thus may be covered by third party payers) or directly from us with a prescription.

Secretropin, is one of the most powerful source of amino acids. But it is never the total answer. It is always part of a comprehensive and integrated approach. See you doctor or pharmacist now. For more information please call 1 866 499 5656.

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